Intentional Creativity Philosophy

Intentional Creativity Philosophy (English Version of the Entry)20181017_123427.jpg

Creativity is a door! The empty canvas, the empty page – doors!

A lot of us are born with a deep inner longing to find answers to questions like

Where do we come from?

What/who are we?

Why are we?

Where do we go after death?

And we are born with the need to feel near and dear to Source. Creativity is the means to step beyond our boundaries, to get a glimpse of possible answers and to feel near to Source. Creativity also teaches us, that not only the peak moments of life give answer, but that the daily living holds many a chance for answers too.

Intentional Creativity is the method and way of living that enables us to find and to create moments of nearness to source and moments of “close” to an answer, as close as possible.


Intentional Creativity is also a daily practice to soothe body, heart, mind and soul as an antidote to the poison of the world that is moving away from Source and Love and it is the weapon to fight this moving away.

In our daily creative practice we can find the beauty and love we so crave. The smallest things remind us of the greatness of life and love.