„Home“ in English ;-)


Hi! I am Huppicke!

I paint with all of my heart and soul, to feel my soul and to learn about myself, learn about things I didn’t know about myself.

I also paint to be able to endure life, or to celebrate life to the fullest. Sometimes I paint to have a quiet conversation with myself and to let my paintings inform me about the questions I encounter in daily life and about the big questions of life:

Where do I come from? What am I, who am I? Where am I going? Why am I?

Painting is noble, frolicsome, wild fun!!! And it is an adventure and an antidote to the ugly things in life.

I’d like to share my joyful painting journey with you! Please check out my blog, my gallery, my online workshops and maybe we might even meet one day in person! I love hearing from you via Email or Comments!

Please be aware that I am German and English is not my native language. I hope that I write fluent enough for your entertainment and to get said what I mean. I write this blog in German but usually I write also an English version which is not an exact translation but rather „another contemplation“ of the subject. 🙂 I have many english-speaking friends and I want  you to be able to know what is going on with Huppicke.

That said, here’s another thing about me: I found out, that often I am much bolder and more open when I speak English, it is my language of safety, candor, soulful adventure. Weird but that’s how I’m wired. The difference between same entries in different languages will be interesting for me. 😉 I hope you don’t mind.

But let’s get back to painting and Intentional Creativity.


Paintings are portals. Call them Doors!

Love you,