A Pilgrim of the Hours – Day 4 of To let the bared soul recall

Intentional Creativity in action! 🙂

Here I left on the Day 3:

My dear cousin who had spent his vacation in Corsica threw „Our Lady of the Snow“ in.

I had to google it. Oh. He had sent me a photo and I found her beautiful but it didn’t speak that much to back then. Now I am intrigued. The cloak is so beautiful!

And when somebody suggested putting some of yesterday’s mist onto the canvas, I got some white paint on the palette and ‚followed the brush‘. I told my brush to search her in my painting. And the brush found our Lady of the Snow:

A Woman made of mist. Seen but not fully grasped. Sheltering what or who she is holding to her breast. Milky lines radiate out – she nourishes with fresh cold winter air.

A song from a-ha comes to my mind, ‚Stay on these Roads‘, with the line: „Cold has a voice. It talks to me.“

But this cold is comforting.

Love helps me stir the boat of My life through the mists.

I always loved mist. Especially the one who turns the sun into a big white ball, that you can look at without hurting the eyes. Oh. This painting will need a white sun tomorrow.

After paiting in the warming sunlight of mid afternoon, I return at vespers time, dusk turned into darkness: „From henceforth all generations shall call me blessed“.

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