Day 3 of To let the bared soul recall…

Intentional Creativity in action! 😉

Here I left yesterday. Feeling ambivalent. I am ready for christmas and light and peace and oh Glory and I get this mess?

Hm. I had tried to lighten everything up and bring some positive vibe into the painting when I chose that yellowish colour. But yellow can be just as messy as black and a stained heart.

In the morning I pray the prayer of dawn by looking at this, letting it in.

In the late afternoon I sit down again. Milky mist at my right side soon to turn into a black darkness. So much darkness.

A friend suggests: „Phthalo blue“.

Yay! One of my favourite colours. The blue note of darkness. I didn’t know whether I saw boats or birds but the passing of the day has solved this problem: I am sure I want boats. I am going to do them in phthalo blue. The barques of midnight darkness I murmur and these words ruminate in my mind. What do they carry? Where do they swim? Where come from, where go to? Maybe they are flying. I love the idea of flying boats. Phthalo blue is the blue of darkness. The good darkness, the one that stills the thirst.

My dear Cousin asks for a star on a thin line:

Another Intentional Creativity teacher suggests a daisy for innocence:

Oh, I got problems with the daisy. I want a really big one. Like a mast on the boat. Try sketching it in in charcoal. Oh no. Not good. Here? No. There? No. I put away the charcoal. It is going to be a little daisy, falling down onto a boat. so the symbol for innocence will be very small on my painting. Why, I wonder? Innocence never was a word that resonated. It was a word that I rejected, would not fit in my world. Do I paint the daisy small because I reject it again.

Maybe I do not really know what innocence means, only assume that I know. Ah. I take that with me. What means innocence to me? I will sleep over this and know something new about myself tomorrow.

The End of Day 3:

The black owner of worlddominionship grants me to leave:

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