To let my bared soul recall…

Some weeks ago I woke up even though I wasn’t asleep. It was noon. I had just come home to the usual hurry of cooking lunch, looking after homework, cleaning house, walking dog, checking social media and then, only then, painting. Life was loud and I enjoyed it but I needed a pause. A sacred pause. I made me a coffee and went upstairs in my soon to be studio and sat down and looked around. Still so much to do. Still no easel, canvas and neither paint nor brushes. A room looking quite empty with only some leftover clutter.

I went down and got me what I needed. But the room kept its vibe of empty. And while putting down dots I had the idea of this challenge of painting on an advent inquiry to my soul. I have never ever finished a challenge. Am I going to? Not alone. It has to be joyful and playful but a demand on self discipline and life story interpretation would be good for me, too. Okay. Some pondering and here is my first challenge that I am going to finish.

My personal advent challenge: To paint daily 🎨to prepare my Self for the return of the Light. ☄Intentional Creativity in action.
While I love silence and inner talk with my Muse, my Muse and me also love friends and connection and play. 💛💛💛Would you play with me?💛💛💛
Here are the rules of the game:
1. ❄Tell me what to put on my canvas. A mark, a colour, a special form or shape. Three long lines? Very well! What? A lion? Ah, I’ll do just an outline of a lioness, or just a paw! (Or a tooth?)
2. ❄I’ll spent my sacred pauses of the day painting and will do as many suggestions of you as possible. But only in a way I want it.
3. ❄I’ll tell you what meaning I find on my canvas, translating your suggestion into some answer: „To let the bared soul recall what it knows beneath its fear of the dark“ (Gayle Boss) And 🤔😏😊🤗 I’ll show you how I painted what you suggested.
4. ❄I can add whatever I want on my canvas.

I hope you do not leave me alone this advent! 🤗🌲⭐🎄💛

Here to come all the progress pics and snippets of my life stories:

Day 1 ⭐

Day 1 – Time of Compline – Dec 1st 2019

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