Day 2 of To let the bared soul recall

Intentional Creativity in action… 😉

I am an early riser.

I may go to the easel for just 10 minutes because I have to leave for my job early. But these are precious 10 minutes. Today I found the white canvas from yesternights compline hour and read through your comments. And looking at the white and let ideas abound is my Laudes, prayer at dawn.

Oh. You wrote: Stars. Light and darkness. A light heart. A red heart with a wooden angel. Oh. Thank you, my friends!

In Intentional Creativity we start with an inquiry, which is the signpost of the path. To find out something – about my Self – too un-hide and bring to light the knowledge of the eternal soul I need an inquiry and I need to return to the inquiry now and then. To remember where I come from to remember where I am going. To consciously decide when to stroll away… 😉 Coming home from work I hurry to the easel and work as my sacred pause at a little late Sext, noon time:

The Inquiry is the light on a path that seems to be going into the darkness of not-yet-knowing – so I paint it on my canvas as my light:

And here comes the darkness. It is flowing, dripping, and it is blessed by my water from the spray bottle. At this moment in my life I am not afraid of the dark, I long for its stillness instead. Are these boats that carry me somewhere? Boats of darkness and stillness:

My very own heart, too often too small to bear all my feelings is the guide on the journey. I quickly paint at teatime, Non, afternoon time.

Enter the red heart, full of good earthy feelings like passion:

Oh? Where did the light heart go? And a wooden angel in the heart. An earthly angel? Or a figurine without life?

Marks for my sisters and friends that always witness me and encourage me when I need it. Can’t be bad times when I have such friends.

And stars. No sky without stars.

Now the night begins, compline fulfilled and darkness and stillness and this is the canvas after Day 2 of a journey in Intentional Creativity:

Good night and be blessed.